Via Capitale Gala of Excellence

Solid aluminum trophy, created to measure the success of the Via Capitale brokers

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  • Description

    This trophy, by its design and the material used, is a symbolic gesture, measuring success and success within the Via Capitale brokers. It was designed and manufactured in Québec, its slender shape, all in height reminiscent of that of a building. Its unique and exclusive design reminds us of the differentiated offer that Via Capitale puts forward with its customers. It is made entirely of solid aluminum, giving it a solid appearance, reflecting the strength of the Via Capitale network. The trophy stands heavy and proud, symbolizing the importance of the role of a broker. At the top is the shape of the diamond, recognized as being unique to Via Capitale, which seals the design of this trophy … It points upwards, symbolizing progress and success.

    Technical Characteristics

    • Ranging from 8" to 13"
    • Brushed aluminum, customized with screen printing
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