The annual trophy for the Prix du Mérite des Grands Monterois

Inspired by the work "Man and his Community", this trophy pays homage to community involvement in City of Mount Royal.

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  • Description

    Mount-Royal is full of talented and dedicated people who, through their profession, volunteer involvement and passion, contribute to the development, influence and growth of the city. The work, commitment, dedication and extraordinary accomplishments of some of these ambassadors are celebrated at the annual Grands Monterois Awards gala. The signed Memorandum of Understanding highlights the work accomplished by these residents who are involved in their communities and involved in areas of interest to them.

    Technical Characteristics

    • 10"
    • Aluminium découpé au jet d’eau, brossé et peint sur l’épaisseur intérieure, base en bois.
  • What our customer thinks

    Philippe Roy Philippe Roy Mayor, Town of Mount-Royal
      • On behalf of myself and the City, I would like to thank you for your contribution to our new approach to community recognition, launched this year in the form of the Grands Monterois Awards. The trophies produced by Protocole and given to our Grands Monterois has given our winners the touch of distinction desired while becoming the pride of the City. Protocole's contribution to the design of these awards is invaluable, combined with specific visual elements cleverly inherited from our local heritage as well as a judicious, assumed contemporary aesthetic. In short, the trophies are magnificent and bear, in my opinion, a signature of the highest quality. Our Grands Monterois merit awards are an undeniable success and are among our best hits in 2016.

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