The Caduceus Award – Brunet Pharmacy

The Caduceus Awards are given annually to pharmacists who own a Brunet Pharmacy

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  • Description

    As part of the creation of this trophy, Protocole was mandated to imagine the name and create the visual identity (logo) associated with it. This is how the “Caduceus Awards” were born. The caduceus is one of the best known symbols associated with the pharmacist’s profession. It is often represented by a branch of laurel worn by the god Hermes in Greek mythology. According to legend, the caduceus possessed the power to heal, snake bites in particular.

    The trophy associated with the recognition event, The Caduceus Award, is intended to be a tribute to the pharmacists who own a Brunet pharmacy that has distinguished itself in one of the award categories. This trophy represents the Brunet logo, whose right part is offset upwards and reveals a vertical form all in delicacy and tastefulness. The customized aluminum base reinforces the presence of the Brunet logo.

    Technical Characteristics

    • 13"
    • Machined and polished acrylic , fixed on a customized solid aluminum base
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    Brunet Les Prix Caducée
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