The AHGM Hotelia Awards

This trophy is full of poetry, representing letter H in three prestigious materials

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  • Description

    In addition to the creation of the trophy, Protocole was called upon to determine the name of the contest, the Hotelia Awards, and to create its visual identity/logo. The trophy is composed of three materials: aluminum, wood and acrylic. The mix of these textures represents the variety of hotel services offered in Greater Montréal. The red acrylic gives the trophy a dynamic appearance, aluminum gives the trophy a dignified and solid foundation, while the wood complements the trio by its warm presence. The trophy is in the form of letter H three times around, derived from the first letter of the word Hotel. These entwined H’s form a dance. The effect of this amalgam presents a creation of vertical form, solid, standing straight and proud, like a hotel.

    Technical Characteristics

    • 13"
    • Brushed and screen-printed aluminum, opaque red acrylic and varnished wood
  • What our customer thinks

    Ève Paré Présidente directrice générale, Association des Hôtels du Grand Montréal Ève Paré Présidente directrice générale, Association des Hôtels du Grand Montréal
      • "The concept proposed by Protocol Awards for the trophy Prix Hotelia is a direct reflection of the hotel, our association as well as the members who compose it. Thus, the trophy created for us is diversity in unity, as is the case in a combination of competing organizations that join forces for the benefit of industry. In addition, the materials offered have been carefully selected and perfectly conceptualized. In short, Jean-Philippe immediately understood the essence of the project and was able to make us an aesthetically pleasing proposal full of meaning. Thank you. "

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