Panthéon Promutuel Assurance Trophy Member

The colorless and translucent yellow acrylic composes the main part of this trophy, giving it an organic appearance of lightness.

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  • Description

    Inspired by the large mural welcoming visitors to the Promutuel Assurances headquarters, this trophy, all in delicacy and flexibility, evokes fluidity and transparency. Its custom base is made of solid aluminum and supports the main part of the trophy, which features acrylic scrolls, one of which, translucent yellow, exposes the text: “The values of mutuality elevate the soul of those who honor.”

    Technical Characteristics

    • 15"
    • Base in solid aluminum and transparent and translucent yellow acrylic body.
  • What our customer thinks

    Promutuel Assurance Promutuel Assurance
      • The creation of a trophy is an art in itself...Firstly, the ideation, then the analysis of the feasibility, the research of materials and the final product. In all these stages, your professionalism and your know-how have delighted us ...

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