Medals for the XI FINA World Championships – Montreal 2005

The "Water Drop" medals, the most prestigious medals in the history of Canadian sporting events.

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  • Description

    The medals of the XI FINA World Championships reflect the values of excellence and courage that drive each athlete. Made of aluminum and glass, they represent the meeting between the purity of water and the strength of the athlete. The unique properties of aluminum, such as strength, suppleness and finesse, inherent properties of athletes, are combined with the beauty of clear glass and textured glass called “Water Glass” which complement the design of this medal unique. The clear glass evokes the purity of the athlete’s gesture while the “Water Glass”, with its texture and bluish color, recalls the playground favored by water sports. When the light pierces the glass, the image thus projected on the surface under the medal recreates the movement of the waves, as they appear at the bottom of a swimming pool. When deposited flat, the glass set in its case of aluminum evokes the paces of a swimming pool. More than 750 medals were produced for the event! The glass set in an aluminum case “evokes the look of a pool filled with water”!

    Technical Characteristics

    • 14"
    • Hand-blown glass mounted on a solid aluminum base
  • What our customer thinks

    Chantal Petitclerc Chantal Petitclerc Five-time gold medalist at Athens Paralympic Games
      • "Everyone knows, I like the medals, and this one is so beautiful that it makes me want to go back to my first-love in sports, swimming."

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