Cercle des Vainqueurs Desjardins Trophy

This award recognizes the best performers in the automotive financing and durable goods sector, members of Desjardins Entreprises.

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  • Description

    In collaboration with the CRI Agency creative team, Protocole produced the Cercle des Vainqueurs of the Desjardins Entreprises trophy for its recognition program. CRI proposed an interesting design track, to imagine a prestigious trophy, heavy and massive, resembling a ball bearing.  Taking direct inspiration from the original and very precise ideas from the “moodboards” proposed by the CRI agency, Protocole has been able to transpose, in a brilliant way, the requests and to express them through this object of recognition.

    Technical Characteristics

    • 8"
    • Solid brushed aluminum
  • What our customer thinks

    CRI Agency CRI Agency Creative Team
      • "We are very satisfied with the final result of the trophy that Protocol has produced for us. Customers loved the quality of craftsmanship and finesse of the design, and the recipients were amazed by the genuine work of art they received! "

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