Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix Trophy

Between nature and asphalt

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  • Description

    The sculpture, entitled “Between nature and asphalt”, was created and designed by Quebec designer Jean-Philippe Caron, in tribute to the emblematic Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve. This contemporary work is composed of aluminum: a material that is the pride of Quebec. Brilliant and unexpected, the route of the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit was carved out of aluminum and stuck on a cylindrical base. Raised on the point that corresponds to the pin of the circuit, the eight profiles arranged in rays make up the shaft and the base of a tree. These 8 identical branches recall the abundant presence of nature surrounding the mythical race track borrowed each year by the drivers of the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Canada.

    Four trophies are produced annually by Protocole : Trophies of Exception: Two trophies of 25.5 inches of height, one handed to the driver and the other handed to the driver winning the race. A 17.5-inch trophy, given to the driver crossing the finish line in 2nd position and a trophy of 14.5 inches, given to the one who occupies 3rd place.

    Technical Characteristics

    • 25.5", 17.5" and 14.5"
    • Machined, polished and screen-printed acrylic , fixed on a customized solid aluminum base
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