Creative Protocol

  • Three steps define our Creative Protocol

    Understanding, creation and consecration. This is an approach where rigor rhymes with creativity. Rigor during the manufacturing of our trophies and the selection of the materials that comprise them, rigor in our communications with you and within the fixed deadlines. Then, bursting with more conventional creativity. Creativity encourages the birth of authentic and original ideas. Positive energy is the main source of our relationship with you, this is the expression of our Creative Protocol:

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At Protocole, your project is, first of all, a collaboration and an open dialogue. Understanding is therefore the primary step in the exchange of information, in which lies the essence of your project. It sets the foundation of our work and helps materialize the first drafts of a trophy. This exercise begins from your first contact with us, until the data is entered which will lead to the honing of the design of your trophy.

Immediately start creating your exclusive trophy by filling out the Creative Protocol Understanding form.


From the first sketch to the final prototype, your trophy takes shape, evolves and materializes; It becomes yours.

We explore the possibilities of design, launching a search for graphic elements and inspiration/"moodboards" in aid of its creation. Possibilities of material alliances and assembly techniques are studied in order to create an unusual object that resembles you. You will quickly receive a sketch of our first ideas. This sketch is modeled in 3 dimensions (3D rendering) that allows you to visualize your trophy, without even having to make it.

This ensures that we minimize the development costs of your project. Parallel to the creation of your trophy, we carefully determine the details of its personalization, including your approved inscriptions and designs. Thus, you participate in the whole process. Once your approval is given, manufacturing begins. Your trophies are then personalized, carefully packed and delivered directly to your office.


Consecration is the culmination of your project. It is at this moment that your trophy is expressed, when it is in the hands of an exceptional person it commemorates, the trophy comes to life. This is the moment when a single bond is created between the one who gives it and the one who receives it. This moment belongs to you. A trophy creates moments of pride, engraved forever in time.

To mark your feelings and your gratitude, to recall this extraordinary moment, we add elements that consecrate this trophy. This is why in each box, accompanying each trophy created to measure by Protocole, there is a certificate of authenticity, a monograph and a technical sheet. It is a way of remembering that a trophy is a hymn to the exception.