• How much time do I have to plan for the creation and manufacturing of a custom signed protocol trophy?

    From the date of our first contact until the delivery of your trophies, a delay of six to eight weeks is required. In urgent situations, we can produce exclusive, fully customized trophies in as little as three weeks! Yes, this kind of miracle exists at Protocol, contact us for more information.

  • How will my trophies be delivered to me?

    Before being sent, the signed Protocol trophies are subjected to a quality control and a rigorous inspection. Eventually, each trophy is wrapped in a tissue paper and inserted into its pretty protective box. The box of each trophy is identified with the name of its recipient and is then inserted into a larger transport box. Your trophies are delivered by direct messenger 24 to 48 hours after leaving our workshop.

  • Can I have my trophies delivered to my branch offices directly to the winners, instead of receiving them in my office and having to redirect them later?

    Yes, of course, if you want us to send your trophies to different branches or directly to their respective recipients, simply provide us with the mailing lists and we will arrange the shipping for you. Before sending, we are even able to insert a letter of congratulations signed by you in each trophy box , in order to make your shipment more personalized. Everything is possible with Protocol, we adjust to your needs, contact us so that we may collaborate with you on your project of recognition.

  • I have an order for several hundred trophies, is it possible to classify them by sector of activity and in alphabetical order?

    Yes, with pleasure, all we request is your precise instructions and we will follow them to the letter. Pre-classified trophies and alphabetized deliveries will truly save you a lot of time!

  • I have several different trophies to produce, of different sizes, I also need plates and certificates framed for winners but also for finalists, is it possible?

    Of course, we can create a program of trophies and customized recognitional objects that will meet your specific needs. Contact us to grasp the myriad of possibilities that we put at your disposal.

  • I would like to approve the engravings that will be made on my trophies, is it possible?

    Yes, certainly, this step is part of our creative protocol. Each stage of design and manufacturing is approved by you, in addition to engraving the logo and customization. At each stage of our work, a test is sent to you for approval. We await your final approval before producing your trophies.

  • I'm really at the last minute, is it possible to order trophies and receive them in less than 5 days?

    Yes of course ! The section "Personalized Trophies" is a perfect solution to this type of request. These magnificent, high quality trophies can be quickly engraved with a logo, text and delivered in 5 working days or less, contact us immediately to know more.

  • What happens if I do not like the trophy you designed for me?

    In 20 years of creation, this situation has never occurred at Protocole. To assure that this never occurs, before the production of your trophies, you will be able to approve final digital models in 3 dimensions which present your trophies in photo, before it is created physically. A real, physical model of your trophy can also be manufactured for final approval. Send us your request, we look forward to working for you.

  • Is it possible to make a single trophy? Is there a minimum order quantity?

    At Protocole, there is no minimum or maximum quantity. It is possible for us to create and manufacture a single trophy, just as we have the ability to manufacture several hundred of them. Contact us to start your creative project.

  • How much does an exclusive, custom-made trophy cost?

    The Protocole trophies are designed and created according to your budget. It is possible to obtain tailor-made, affordable and impressive trophies for less than $ 100.00. Our most prestigious trophies can be upwards of $5,000.00. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

  • Can I propose and design a trophy myself?

    Yes of course ! We are open to good ideas and we love working on a spirited collaboration. Submit your design and we will present proposals to optimize the design and bring it to life, while maintaining a low manufacturing cost.

  • What materials make up your trophies?

    Protocole likes to work with aluminum, acrylic, glass, crystal, wood, stone, granite, bronze, tin and more. Depending on the materials you prefer and your budget, we will create the perfect trophy for you. Contact us to start creating this unique and distinctive piece that will represent you.

  • We are an NPO, can you help us?

    Yes, certainly. Protocole is committed to foundations and nonprofit organizations on almost a daily basis. Do you have a trophy creation project that pays tribute to the people and organizations that have contributed to your cause? Contact us and let us create this unique object that will pay tribute to them, at a cost adapted to your reality.