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Protocole, the company behind the trophies: more than 20 years of creating and developing our creativity

To create the exception, to evolve our talents and to be ahead of the curve: it is this vision that has accompanied our journey for more than 20 years. When it was founded in 1996, Protocole is known as ARTIFEX. The company then bought into the sale of tailor-made artworks as well as the creation of exclusive art products and business gifts. Over the years, as an art commissioner, Jean-Philippe Caron has had the privilege of working with dozens of renowned artists and, moreover, imbibing a stimulating artistic effervescence. In 2005, the turning point for ARTIFEX was the creation, by Jean-Philippe Caron, of the medals of the 11th FINA – Montreal 2005 World Championships, which were described as “the finest medals in the history of sport”. Following this worldwide success, while maintaining the sale of artwork, the company took a turn towards the creation of trophies.

A name change became necessary: ARTIFEX transformed into ARTE 5. Today, Protocole – Trophies of exception is our official identity. Our mission: To create and sell trophies that generate pride, highlight the exceptional and immortalize accomplishments.


  • Jean-Philippe


    Creator of exception

    [email protected]

    Jean-Philippe mastered the subtle science and the rigorous art of designing unique, distinctive and memorable trophies. His creations give rise to volutes of exclamations more laudatory than the others. The man is bubbling with inventiveness, the trophies he conceives incarnate the glory and intensity of victory. The delicacy and delicacy of his works distill a real grandeur. Founder of Protocole - Trophies of exception, it is he who gives birth to magic and gives it body.

  • Jean-Gilles


    Trust Generator

    [email protected]

    Present in the company for more than 15 years, Jean-Gilles is in some way the wise soul at Protocole. Through his listening and benevolence, he embodies our tranquil and cordial strength. Architect of well-being, he is a founding pillar, on whom the company rests. He is a lighthouse, which ensures the production and the shipping of trophies that are the pride of Protocole - Trophies of exception.

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